Tick Dating Review

A Review Of Tick Dating, And Five More Popular Dating Websites

Match.Com Review

Match.Com was founded by Gary Kremen in 1993 and went live in 1995 making it one of the oldest online dating sites. In November 2004, Guinness World Records declared Match.com to be the largest online dating site in the world. At the time, more than 42 million singles globally had registered since it's launch and 15 million members were currently using the service. Now they have services in 24 countries and territories and have sites in 15 different languages.  What they do is simple; They help singles find the kind of relationship they're looking for. 

How Does It Work?

How it Works; They provide free writing sections where you can create a profile. Your profile may contain up to 26 photos as well as selected preferences as to the type of person you want to meet. You can then instantly see photos and read about potential matches in your area. All communication between members on Match.com occurs through an 'anonymous' email network. The names and contact information of all the members are kept confidential until the member personally decides to share the information with you and vice versa. All photos are screened for appropriateness before it's posted to the site by the Customer Care Team. In this way your privacy and integrity are preserved by Match.com.


The Stir

The Stir is a new service, just launched, where thousands of live events and new ways to get to know people online will eliminate the distinction between online and offline dating.  This service will bring single people together in thousands of events across the country, and a proprietary collection of dual-player games designed to let people get to know each other in a fun, natural way.  The games are available to all Match.com subscribers in the summer of 2012 and the live events will begin rolling out in more than 20 U.S. cities by June and nationwide by September.
The live events, known as 'The Stir' will consist of hundreds of local events each month.  These events will range from large-scale happy hours to more intimate events, such as wine and tequila tastings, cooking classes, dance lessons, rock climbing, bowling nights, and more.  Each event will be customized using the algorithms elements of age, interests, and gender.  These events are designed to eliminate as many of the pitfalls of a typical night out for single people as possible. 
The Games are proprietary and designed to deal with online dating most glaring shortfall.   You can meet online but you can't get to know someone very well online.  The games are fun and easy to play.  Each one is between one and five minutes long.  Initially there will be seven games:  "Food Critic," "Gut Reaction," "Best and Worst," and "Name that Dance."  Ultimately video will be added to the games so that members can play each other face to face.

Did You Know...

In a study commissioned in 2009 & 2010 by Match.com the research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey found:

•  17% of couples married in the last 3 years, or 1 in 6, met each other on an   online dating site.

• Twice as many marriages occurred between people who met online than met in bars, clubs and other social events combined.

• Approximately twice as many recently married couples met on Match.com than the site that ranked second.

• Match.com has led to more than twice as many dates and twice as many relationships as the site that ranked second.

• 1 of 5 single people have dated someone they met on a online dating site.

• 1 of 5 people in a new committed relationship (including marriage) met their significant other on an online dating site.

So if you are seriously looking for a partner or if you just want to ease your way into the dating market, Match.com is probably a good fit for you.